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Unit 1, Bridge Court, Kingsmill Road, Saltash PL12 6LS.   Telephone: 07495 939542.

Associate Nurture and Wellbeing Lead at Torpoint Nursery & Infant School.

Supporting Children and Families in and around our locality of Plymouth and East Cornwall

We are Fully Certificated Professionals with The Theraplay® Institute


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Theraplay® is a registered trade mark of The Theraplay Institute, Evanston, IL, USA


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Brighter Futures South West provides Theraplay® and other services on a daily basis, to children and families in Plymouth and East Cornwall. We deliver various specialist therapeutic and psycho-educational interventions, which are flexible and bespoke as well as evidence-based, in various locations, typically at school, in statutory and community venues and at our client's home. Typically, most of our referrals come from Children's Services and Child Protection Agencies, The Family Courts, Fostering and Adoption Agencies, Schools or Privately Funded Clients.

All our Therapists and Practitioners are Enhanced DBS Checked and Local Authority Approved as well as being qualified to practice and fully insured.


Theraplay is our preferred therapy when working with children and their families. It is highly engaging and highly effective in supporting recovery for both children and their caregivers. Best of all, Theraplay® is fun. Having been  very well researched and having been continually evaluated and adapted over the last forty years or so, this has resulted in a 'finely tuned' and evidence-based intervention which addresses a variety of needs. Another reason for favouring this therapy is that parents/caregivers are usually included in the sessions and are supported all the way through the process. We give video analysis and feedback about progress and we are able to give guidance to parents and caregivers in how to use the skills and strategies at home. We understand for example, how developmental trauma can impact on children and their families and we are also able to guide parents in managing difficult behaviour and situations.

A full description of Theraplay and its uses can be found on The Theraplay Institute Website:

Click on the button to view                   To view The Theraplay Institute Register of UK Therapists, Click Here

Typical Scenarios where we use Theraplay®

Theraplay® is used in a variety of situations,

The most common are:

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Attachment Disorder

  • Pre and Post Fostering and Adoption Placements

  • Trauma, Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Behaviour Difficulties in various forms

  • Autism, Aspergers and ADHD

  • Disputed Child Contact/Supervised Contact Concerns


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